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Infi-neb Compacto Nebulizer

We are a leading supplier of high-quality Nebulizer for home use. Nebulizer is a machine that converts your prescribed medicine into the fine mist of fumes (called aerosols), which are inhaled deeply in to the lungs for the efficient and quicker delivery of medicine to the respiratory tract. This is a handy and portable compacto Nebulizer smaller in size but same efficiency. Easy to keep or carry but does not have a battery compartment to keep nebulizer kit. An optional carry bag or pouch may be included against extra cost.

About Compact Piston Nebulizer

Portable Nebulizers usually accept their medicine in the form of a concentrated liquid, sometimes viscous. These medicines are are inhaled instead of ingested is to limit their effect to the lungs and respiratory system only. This liquid is loaded into the machine for usCompactnebulizers spray liquid medication to fog panel by compressing air, and form tiny particles, which flow into the throat through imbibing tube.It adopts oil-free high-efficiency valve with no need for daily lubrication and it is low noise, tiny particles. It is an ideal product for family and medical units’ use, and suitable for all kinds of patients. This use of this aerosol therapy is in not only limited to the cases of asthma & bronchitis but in modern medical science chest physicians prescribe nebulizer treatment in case of the respiratory infections & spasmodic cuff in adults &. Children. The product has been designed with the great idea how you can you use the nebulizer quickly, quietly and easily to keep your respiratory conditions under control while you enjoy your chosen lifestyle. No matter how much limited time you have or how active you are, matches your lifestyle, When ever or wherever you go being a compact and portable device. We supply you a free video demonstration CD (In English and Hindi) with all  products enabling you to understand the proper operating instruction for the product.

Product Specifications

PowerAC 220V, 50 Hz
Current0.6A /68 watts under normal load
Particle Size0.5 to 5 urn
Dimension (LxWxH)10.8″ x 6.6″ x4.2″
Operating Humidity Range30% to 70% RH
Storage Humidity Range10% to 95% RH
Weight1.86kg (4.1 pounds)
Storage Temperature Range25°C to 70°C (-13°F tp 158°F)
Operate Temperature Range10°C to 40°C (50’F to 104’F)
Standard AccessoriesNebulizer, Air Tube, Adult, Mask, Filters (5 PCS)
Sound LevelAround 60 dBA
Operating Pressure Range8 to 16 Psi | (50 to 100KPa / 0.5 to 1.0 bar)
Average Nebulization RateMin 0.2m1/min
Liter Flow Range6 ~ 8 Ipm
Compressor Pressure Range36 to 45 Psi | (210 to 250 KPa / 2.1 to 2.5 bar)

Classification of Nebulizer
A. Piston Compressor Nebulizers

  • In 1990s all Nebulizers were producing air via vibrating diaphragms and they were called Diaphragm Based Nebulizers . Drawback were not easily serviceable less, fumes/pressure and drop in pressure as the springs loose strength. Sometimes they were producing more sound than usual. After 2000 a more durable and trust worthy technology was introduced and new Piston compressors which could produce air via Rotary based Piston Motors and pump and this was called Piston Compressor Nebulizers or Piston Nebulizers. This assures a long life of the pump and serviceability. For home use they were perfect but still the Crank/shaft attached with Piston was an issue. The shaft which rotates the Piston Crank/shaft was usually broken after about 500 hours and such nebulizer needs service in about 300 to 500 hours which was an issue for long term patient as service is not available near and nebulizers may be needed in emergency. For temporary use this was perfect especially for home use for kids. The current product improved in 2014 Infi Neb and Compacto is a result of continues research and analysis done during last 14 years and finally we are in apposition to deliver a compressor with our specially designed shaft which can work without service for 1500 to 2000 hours. So now we can freely deliver this product to long term use patients asthmatics and for clinic and hospital use due to long life of the piston pump.

B. Ultrasonic Nebulizer (compact handy portable)

  • The technology of ultrasonic nebulizers is different from compressor Nebulizers it works on crystal technology. They are not as durable and rough tough as compressor nebulizers but the advantage is the portability they are light weight. Usually ultrasonic nebulizers sold in India are sold due to their compact handy size and they can be used in car jack or may also be used with inbuilt rechargeable battery.

C. Nebulizer Bottle/chamber/cup

  • When we say Nebulizer bottle, nebulizer cup or chamber. It means just an accessory of compressor nebulizer Machine in which we put medicine. So don’t confuse it with nebulizer Machine

Classification of Piston Nebulizer

  • Nebulizer Machine for Adults – There are Piston nebulizers used by adults in case of spasmodic cuff Asthma Bronchitis etc. These Nebulizers come with Adult Mask.
  • Pediatric Use Nebulizer – There are Piston nebulizers used by adults in case of spasmodic cuff Asthma Bronchitis etc. These Nebulizers come with Pediatric Mask. Inner motor is same as adult Nebulizer but the difference may be the pediatric mask supplied and These Nebulizers may looks attractive to babies and are supplied in multiple flashy colors or are shaped as cartoon or toy characters. The idea is to keep children happy.
  • Adult and pediatric use Nebulizer- There are Piston nebulizers used by adults in case of spasmodic cuff Asthma Bronchitis etc. These Nebulizers come with Adult Mask and pediatric both Masks inside.

How to use Compact Piston Nebulizer


  • Keep the nebulizer kit on a flat hard surface so that the air openings remain open.
  • Take the nebulizer kit out of the storage compartment.


  • Connect one end of the silicon tubing with the air tube nozzle of the nebulizer.
  • Do not connect it too tightly other wise this will create problem at the time of disconnection.
  • Connect the other end of the tube with the medication chamber.


  • Put the prescribed medicine in the prescribed quantities in to the nebulization chamber.


  • Connect the Mask or the mouth piece as per your convenience.
  • Now connect the main unit to appropriate voltage 220VAC & power on the ON/OFF SWITCH, you will see the fumes coming out of the mask immediately ensuring functioning of aerosol therapy in the form of fumes.
  • Take deep and long breaths for deeper inhalation. You can keep this chamber here with the medicine inside, for a limited period of time.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • Cleaning of medication cup : it is very important to clean up the nebulizer kit after every usage to avoid cross infections. Wash the nebulization chamber, mouth piece, & mask with a warm water and a mild detergent. Then rinse them in hot running tap water.
  • Note : do not submerge the articles in boiling water as this will damage them.
  • Disinfecting : Submerge them in a solution containing 1 part of white distill vinegar and 3 parts of water for 30 minutes. Then rinse them in hot tap water.
  • Changing Filters : AIR FILTER PREVENTS THE AIR BORN PARTICLES FROM GETTING INTO THE UNIT. Never use the unit without air filters. Do not use cotton or any other materials. Do not wash or clean the filters, just replace them with filters provided by the distributor when they turn grey.
  • Remove the filter cover. & replace the used filter with the new one.

Special Features Of My Compacto Care Piston Nebulizer
Salient Features

  • Piston style compressor
  • Assures strong pressure and flow
  • Durable & stable
  • With automatic thermal protector, automatic cutoff if over heated, assures long life of the piston pump
  • Longer continuous usage
  • Low particle size
  • Delivers medication effectively and efficiently with clinical accuracy for lower/upper respiratory tract
  • Convenient to use
  • 4 extra fillers included
  • Reusable nebulizer kit. Easy to use and clean, dishwasher safe.

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