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Infi Check Digital Thermometer

Digital thermometers are preferred worldwide over mercury thermometers because of easy measuring, longer life, and no risk of mercury poisoning. We supply Infi Check Fixed Tip digital thermometer could be an ideal option as the thermometer with accuracy and precise readings. The thermometer is mercury free making it very safe to keep in mouth. Moreover, the Infi Check thermometer is suitable to be used by multiple patients.

Waterproofing of a digital thermometer is not just an additional feature but it is a necessity for a reusable product.If you can not wash it how can you reuse it and keep it in others mouth. If you will you are inviting a source of infection, May be within family or within clinic or hospital.

Our water proof digital thermometer- Infi is known not only for its accuracy but it is never a source of Infection among the patients.You can wash the thermometer and then only let other patient use the same. So Infi Digital aids in easy measuring and precise readings to measure body temperature and it is cross infection safe.

Doctors used to keep a disinfectant to clean even glass thermometers but how to do it for an electronic thermometer.

Buy the water proof digital thermometer online at discounted price and manage the body temperature within the range with right mix of medication and health precautions.

About Infi Check Digital Thermometer

The thermometer also has an Auto shut off feature that supports battery longevity. Body Simple and compact, this fixed tip thermometer is user friendly and portable. The unit comprises of a LCD display and one On/Off button, hence making it easy and intuitive for the user to use the device. Feature The Fixed Tip Infi Check thermometer is capable of displaying a measurement range from 90.0 degree Fahrenheit to 109.9 degree Fahrenheit. Like many digital thermometers, this thermometer by Infi Check comes with a memory function that enables the last measurement recall. The beeper alarm is set to alert the users as and when required. A replaceable battery is used for powering the thermometer. This Infi Digital thermometer not only offers you a great blend of technology but an ease of use without compromising your budget. It is a probe type thermometer used for oral, rectal and underarm temperature measurements. The thermometer is designed to meet all hygiene and comfort needs as the resistance feature in it allows you to wash and clean it after use. This digital thermometer also comes equipped with an auto off feature that is capable of automatically shutting down the device if left idle for more than 30 minutes, thus conserving battery power.

Special Features Digital Thermometer

Special Features

  • Clean with water : The idea is that you can wash the thermometer under water tap after every use to avoid cross infection between patients.
  • Unbreakable : But what makes this water proof device truly unique over other models is its unbreakable feature, Do not be afraid if it drops from hand or your child throws it like a toy.
  • Sleek design : its flexible tip and a sleek design makes it fit under the tongue comfortably.
  • Beeper : Infi check has a beeper to ensure that the measurement is complete.
  • C&F Convertible : It works in both units, C and F. At the time of switching on the thermometer, keep the on-off button pressed for around 3 seconds to change the unit of measurement between C & F
  • Memory : Stores your last temperature has auto off feature to save batteries and also gives fever alarm when the temperature is above 100 F
  • Your pack contains : 1 Digital water proof thermometer 2 Transparent Storage case 3 instruction manual

How to use Infi-check Digital Clinical Thermometer


    • Press on-off switch to activate the water proof thermometer.

The digital unit will beep and will display the screen test. for 2 seconds when switched on.

  • Then last memory is displayed once, followed by the Normal Body temperature 37 C/98.6 F.
  • Thereafter it shows Lo with Flashing F or C.It Indicates that the thermometer is ready for temperature measurement.
  • Note -if the room temperature is higher than 32 C/89.6 F then it will display the room temperature. You can use some the tip to avoid this.


  • Place the probe of the thermometer under the tongue as near as possible to the heat pocket.
  • Note-If you do not keep the thermometer in the heat pocket the displayed temperature may be lowered by 1 F
  • Approximate time required for oral measurement is 30 seconds; thereafter it will take another 10 seconds to beep. The beep confirms that the measurement is complete.

Under-arm Measurement

  • Wipe the under arm with a water dry towel and keep it in a way that it touches your skin and the probe is well covered by arm The measurement time will be increased by 2-3 minutes and the readings are 1 F lower.


  • Do not talk during the measurement. Do not chew or put pressure, with your teeth, on the rubber flexible tip.
  • Wait for 15 minutes to take the oral temperature if you have just taken a hot tea or coffee.

Normal Body temperature

  • Though the normal body temperature is 98.6 f but the temperature reading may vary from 97 F to 99 F and still be considered normal. Variation in the Temperature can be attributed to activities like exercise, smoking, eating and drinking. Your temperature is lower in morning and as compared to the afternoon.
    How to Change Batteries : Batteries need to be replaced when the T symbol appears on the right lower corner of the screen, Replace the batteries with 1.55 v LR 41 or equivalent. Put the battery cover away, take out the battery with a non metal pointed tool to remove and carefully slide the battery cover in its place.

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