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High Quality Comfortable Electric Collect And Carry Breast Breast Pump With Full Handle for Powerful Suction

This Breast Pump is a product of choice for those mothers who are inconvenient to feed their babies directly The unit has Stronger & Uniform suction through 4 air in-let design. We supply high quality collect and carry breast pump with comfortable full handle for powerful suction. Designed using latest technology, this breast pump is easy and simple to use and provide quick powerful suction.

Infi offers the electric breast pumps for mothers facing issues with feeding their child directly. The product is designed using the latest technological upgrade that suits the modern mother’s requirement of feeding their child with their milk. The breast pump comes in a compact design to help feeding the baby anytime and anywhere.

Buy the best electric breast pumps online at discounted prices in India and find the quick and effective way to feed the baby with the perfect nutritive food for him i.e. his mother’s milk.

Enjoy a comfortable experience by feeding your baby with the high quality and compact breast pumps readily available for delivery in Pan India location.

About Collect And Carry Breast Pump

Mother’s milk is the best choice not only for babies but it also helps the mother to stay healthy & fit. Mother’s milk delivers anti bodies (immunogenic molecules) which protect the baby from infections and helps mom loose excess fat after pregnancy. For use at Home, Hospitals and clinics. Infi Breast pump has excellent suction for feeding moms. Moms can collect and carry the milk while short traveling in the bottle provided. Collect & Carry Breast Pump is light weight and compact in design. It is easy to use either at home or outside in case you are traveling. Light weight and portable, the Collect & Carry Breast Pump is easy to operate with one hand and able to bring it anywhere and anytime with ease. Superior Silent Motor – allows expressing in complete privacy anywhere, anytime.

Special Features Collect & Carry Breast Pump

Special Features

  • Breast Pump with 4 air inlet design
  • Breast Pump has a Pressing function
  • Breast Pump has an Adjustable suction
  • Stronger & uniform suction through 4 air inlet design
  • Massage function brings real comfort for mom’s
  • Suction on this Breast Pump can be adjusted, you can choose the most comfortable suction.
  • Breast Pump has an Adjustable vacuum levels
  • 5 Adjustable Suction Pressure Levels are there on this Breast Pump that mother can choose on the preferred suction strength
  • The motor is entirely independent on this Breast Pump so there will be no back-flow of the expressed breast milk
  • Breast Pump has Few parts to assemble and dismantle for easy cleaning
  • Breast Pump Comes with bottle and nipple and cap for bottle to carry breast pump

How To Use Collect & Carry Electric Breast Pump

Step 1

  • Feeding Mother should sit in a comfortable feeding position.

Step 2

  • It is important to sterilize all parts (except motor) before use.

Step 3

  • Keep away from Reach of the children.

Step 4

  • Clean and sterilize the product after every use.


  • Keep it out of the reach of children.
  • The unit is not water proof.
  • Do not immerse the motor into water.
  • The wire may have a strangulation hazard for children.
  • Do not use if the power cord is damaged.

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