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Mediware Finger Pulse Oximeter With Low‎ Saturation Alarm

Infi brings the high-quality medical devices for safe and sound usage in homes and by medical professionals. We offer My care Finger oximeter that comes with low saturation alarm to give an alarming tone to the patient or the caretaker, in case the blood oxygen saturation level falls down. By inserting the finger of the patient in the device, one can get the readings of the blood oxygen saturation level and pulse rates reading.

Buy the Finger oximeter with low saturation alarm online at discounted price in PAN India location and works out on your required pressure of oxygen in the body.

This device is accurate and used to measure oxygen saturation & pulse rate value. Just insert your finger, the device will be switched on automatically & will display the Spo2 & pulse rate on the screen.

About Product

Some patients are on oxygen supply due to weak lungs and need regular monitoring to adjust the pressure of the oxygen. These patients must use a pulse oximeter with a reliable sensor which can provide reasonable level of accuracy even in case of low Spo2 below 85. Our My care device has a reliable sensor which can work accurately even when oxygen saturation is lower than 85. So the product can be offered not only for Medical use to patients but can also be offered to Medical professionals. This device has a low Spo2 alarm. If the oxygen saturation is lower than 90 it will give a beep sound and this alarm also works in low or high pulse rates.

Special Features Of This Finger Oximeter

  • Low SPO2 Alarm / Beep
  • Four slides rotation
  • Perfusion index
  • 2 color led display
  • Low battery consumption up to 50 hrs
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple operation for immediate
  • Real-time spot checks
  • Easy and Efficient One Button Operation
  • Reliable accuracy and durability
  • Automatic power off design
  • Battery low indication
  • Fingertip Style Pulse Oximeter
  • Measure SPo2 level
  • Measure heart rate p/m
  • Easy-read LED display for better analysis
  • Compact size, light, and convenient to carry
    SPO2 and PR display, and bar graph display
  • Power off automatically when not used after 10 seconds to save battery power
  • Integrated with SPO2 probe and processing display module
  • This finger pulse oximeter will not monitor SPO2 during active movement.
  • You must stop your current activity and take the reading while in a stationary position.

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