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Digital Blood Pressure Monitor (Infi)TM

Infi is an advanced BP Monitor with MDI Technology .It is Infi Futura blood pressure monitor.  You can check your blood pressure Accurately on regular basis with ease and comfort at Home.

New Measurement during Inflation technology in BP Monitor works one step ahead towards reliability and accuracy blood pressure measurement at home and the patient and ensures the reliability of its results because of the working mechanism of this new mdi Technology in Infi BP Monitors.

The product is from Oertel Ita Germany.And we have sold more than 200000 pcs in India in last 10 years and our dedicated service center has repaired more than 10000 pcs out of them.

Our BP monitor range comes with quick and easy blood pressure reading facility that alerts the patient in case on a serious situation like irregular pulse detection.  We are the leading supplier of Digital Blood Pressure Monitor and make the latest technology affordable and available to Blood pressure Patients.

Buy Infi Futura BP checking machine online from our website at discounted price in India .

Infi Digital Blood pressure Monitor is an advanced portable device meant for daily monitoring of blood pressure between visits to the doctor. Infi Digital BP Monitor has useful features for the home diagnosis of blood pressure, you can check your bp accurately with its easy one-touch operation. Automatic Digital BP Monitor has now become a daily household item than a Medical equipment.

The patient can show the record of its previous measurements done at home and his doctor can interpret the blood pressure trends on the basis of previous records also and prescribes medicines on the basis of the analysis in place of relying on 1 single measurement done at clinic.

Mdi Technology makes it the most accurate BP monitor available in Indian market.

Infi Futura is a 3rd Generation Blood Pressure Monitor with Measurement During Inflation Technology (MDI

It checks the Blood Pressure during INFLATION unlike others it does not need to wait for DEFLATION.

Measurement During Inflation Technology

Latest Third generation BP Monitors do not need to deflate to give results. They Check the Blood Pressure during inflation only and does not need to wait for deflation. Inflation is a bit slower but it accurately measures your bp before hardly creating any pressure on the arm. You can see the Results immediately after Inflation completes. It is called measurement during Inflation Technology or Comfort cuff Smart Read Technology. The idea behind this is if you have to Check the Pressure in a soft tube and before measurement if you press the tube the pressure will change and results will be inaccurate.If you can check pressure before pressing the tube the results will be accurate.

Benefit of Third Generation Measurement During Inflation Technology (MDIT)

  • More Accurate measurement
  • Least difference in case of repeated measurements
  • Third Generation technology is less painful for even older Patients so they also call it comfort cuff smart Inflate Technology.
  • You can immediately take a repeated measurement for comparison
  • Fast Results

Other Special Features Of Infi Futura Digital BP Monitor

120 memories with date and Time

Infi allows you to Keep a record of you’re your previous measurements with date and time. Other available monitors either have a single or a little memory storage capacity and they are of no use as they are stored without the date and time of measurement.

WHO Hypertension Indicator

Maybe you don’t remember what is the Normal Blood pressure Range but don’t worry as our Monitor comes with Hypertension Indicator.
Every Measurement displayed in the monitor have a dot this dot appears in front of the green, Yellow or Red Region and This will lets you know whether your BP falls in normal, mild to moderate or severe hypertension range as per the who classification.

Adaptor Included with the Pack of BP Monitor – The Pack comes with an adaptor so that you dont have to buy Batteries Every Time.

Functioning of Infi Digital Blood Pressure Monitor
The digital Blood Pressure monitor is  easier to use than the aneroid unit. it is the most popular blood-pressure measuring device for home use. The blood pressure measurement is easy to read, because the numbers are shown on a screen.

You can store the record in the memory and can show it to the doctor on next visit. It works on oscillometric technology so monitor does not need a stethoscope so the monitor is simple to use.

Another factor which is increasing the demand of the Automatic Digital BP monitors even in clinics and leading hospitals is the pollution concerns due to mercury poisoning.

Latest mdi Upper Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor have professional accuracy same as Mercury based Sphygmomanometer etc. The digital Blood Pressure monitor is easier to use than the aneroid unit. There is no need to listen to heart sounds through the stethoscope.

Product Specifications

Measurement methodDisplayMeasurement rangeAccuracyPulseBatteryDimensionWeightCuff fits
OscillometricLiquid crystal digital display0-280 mm/hg Pulse rate -20-255/min.ą 4mm/Hg5%4×1.5V AA Alkaline batteries163(W) X138(D) X62(h)mm2400Gm without cuffs & batteries22 to 32 cm

How To Use Digital BP Monitor

Step 1 Insert the batteries

  • Open the battery compartment of the BP Monitor in the direction of the arrow.
  • Insert the 4 AA alkaline batteries in correct direction matching the polarities + – .
  • Note The power supply is on, only when the LCD is flipped up.
  • The battery symbol indicates that the battery is full. You will see the empty battery symbol if the batteries are depleted or empty.
  • Note-It is important to tell you that batteries supplied along with the unit are alkaline batteries not the ordinary pencil cell so.
  • You are recommended to use Alkaline batteries only Example-Duracell.

Step 2 Connecting the cuff

  • Insert the air connector knob firmly in to the air socket and push it until it is locked.
  • Important- Relax and be comfortable sitting on a chair before taking a measurement.
    Wait for 30 minutes, If you have just smoked or taken some other tobacco product.
  • Take out the cuff from the unit, unfold it and slip it over your arm.
    Either arm can be used to take blood pressure rather it is better to use the same arm every time for comparison.
  • Wrap the cuff snugly over your arm with the help of this Velcro, so that it is neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Keep the tube at the centre around 2-3 cms above the elbow.
  • Note-Always Wrap the cuff directly on your skin any clothes under the cuff even a single cotton cloth will effect the accuracy of the monitor.
  • Most important- Do not move your arm while measurement, Remain still and Quiet, do not speak, do not laugh, do not move the unit while measurement.
  • It is not advisable to take the measurement while standing.

Step 3 Correct Position

  • Keep your arm at the level of your heart and arm must be in the resting position.
  • Reconfirm that the cuff is wrapped over the elbow & tube is at the centre.
  • Whether you are sitting or in bed your legs must not be crossed, if sitting must be flat towards floor.

Step 4 How to start the measurement

  • Press the start button to start inflation. Now the monitor will start inflating and you will feel the obvious pressure on your arm.
  • After reaching the appropriate level the unit will start deflating.
  • The heart symbol during measurement indicates that you Bp is being checked.
  • This is your measurement.

Step 5 How to analyze measurement

  • 120 is the systolic blood pressure 78 is the diastolic blood pressure,80 is your pulse rate,
    This is the date and time of measurement M shows this is the memory and A shows this is the memory for patient A.
    Once you have taken the measurement do not take repeated measurement immediately
    As you arm is under stress, let the arm relax 5 minutes and there after you can take repeated measurement for comparison.
  • You should not consider the results
    1. If you have taken a measurement after physical exercise like walking, running, climbing stairs or even while standing.
    This leads to temporary increase in BP and such measurements are not considerable
    2. If you moved your body or your arm while measurement.
    This may lead the sensor to consider the muscle movement as your pulse.
    3. If you are wearing some clothes under your cuff.
    4. If you have spoken or laughed during measurement.
    5. If you did not keep the arm at the level of your heart if the arm is kept too high or too low BP should be considered at the level of the heart.
    6. The tube is not at the center to detect the pulse correctly.
    7. You have taken the second reading immediately after first reading .your arm is under stress for next 5 minutes of measurement.
    8 Your wrapped cuff is too tight.
    9 You have smoked within the last 30 minutes.
  • Keep in mind that your blood pressure keeps changing naturally from time to time, throughout the day
    Your BP is affected by Physical & your mental condition.
  • So you should not be too happy or too worried because of one particular reading.
  • The interpretation of BP requires a regular monitoring. Keep a record of your measurements and tell your health practitioner about the trends of your BP, the readings should be interpreted by a doctor only who is familiar with your Medical history. And he is the only person to allow a start, change or discontinue any medicine.

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