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Digital BP Machine MDI

Infi MDI BP Machine first measures the diastolic blood pressure and then the systolic blood pressure and gives instant result without deflating. This new technology is faster, gives extra comfort to the arm of the patient, and better accuracy in case of repeated measurements. One of the greatest advantages of using MDI Digital BP Machine is self-measurement of Blood Pressure under the usual conditions of daily living. Our sophisticated Blood Pressure Machines are an extremely useful and handy gadget and provide speedy and accurate blood pressure measurements (both systolic and diastolic) and pulse readings.

Infi offers the digitalized way to get the exact reading of the blood pressure. We offer digital BP machine that aims to deliver an accurate reading of the blood pressure via one touch system. The machine comes with reliable digitisation system that surpasses a clear reading of the patient’s blood pressure without getting deflated.

The product offered by Infi are moulded with the right inbuilt of technological advancement that aims to deliver high-quality product to the consumers situated nationwide in India.

Buy the best digital blood pressure machine online at affordable prices. Get in touch with the latest technology based medical equipment and live a tension free life.

About Digital BP Machine MDI

Infi MDI is a 3rd Generation BP Machine with Measurement During Inflation Technology (MDIT).
It checks the Blood Pressure during INFLATION unlike others it does not need to wait for DEFLATION.

The digital BP Machine is easier to use than the aneroid unit. It does not need a gauge and stethoscope that are one unit, and the numbers are easy to read. It also has an error indicator, and deflation is automatic. Inflation of the cuff is either automatic.There is no need to listen to heart sounds through the stethoscope. Lightweight and portable Machine displays blood pressure and pulse rate on large, easy to read digital display. Because the digital Machine is automatic, it is the most popular blood-pressure measuring device. The blood pressure measurement is easy to read because the numbers are shown on a screen. You can store the record in the memory and can show it to the doctor on next visit. An oscillometric Machine does not need a stethoscope so the Machine is simple to use.

Product Specifications

AccuracyMeasuring methodMeasurementStorage environmentWeightDimensionsPower sourceContents
± 3mm Hg(pressure);+5% pulse readingOscillometric MethodBlood pressure:30-280 mm Hg Range pulse rate:40-199 beats/minTemperature:-20o C TO 50oC Humidity:15% to 95% RH (non – condensing)109g(exclude batteries)Approx.64mm(W) X74mm(H) X31mm(D)2″AAA”batteriesMain unit, fit cuff, instruction manual storage case and 2 batteries

Special Features Of Digital BP Machine MDI

Measurement During Inflation Technology
Latest Third generation BP Machines do not need to deflate to give results. They Check the Blood Pressure during inflation only and does not need to wait for deflation. Inflation is a bit slower but it accurately measures your bp before hardly creating any pressure on the arm. You can see the Results immediately after Inflation completes. It is called measurement during Inflation Technology or Comfort cuff Smart Read Technology. Idea behind this is if you have to Check the Pressure in a soft tube and before measurement if you press the tube the pressure will change and results will be inaccurate.If you can check before pressing the tube the results will be accurate.

Benefit of Third Generation Measurement During Inflation Technology (MDIT)

1. More Accurate measurement
2. Least difference in case of repeated measurements
3. Third Generation Blood Pressure technology is less painful for even older Patients so they also call it comfort cuff Smart Inflate Technology.
4. You can immediately take a repeated measurement for comparison
5. Fast Results

60 memories with date and Time

Infi Blood pressure Machine allows you to Keep a record of you’re your previous measurements with date and time. Other available blood pressure Machines either have a single or a little memory storage capacity and they are of no use as they are stored without the date and time of measurement.

WHO Hypertension Indicator

May be you don’t remember what is the Normal Blood Pressure Range but don’t worry as our Machine comes with Hypertension Indicator.
Every Blood Pressure Machine Measurement displayed in the Machine have a dot this dot appears in front of the green, Yellow or Red Region and This will lets you know whether your Blood Pressure falls in normal , mild to moderate or severe hypertension range as per the who classification.

Easy Large Display / Flip-up LCD

The Flip up LCD allows you to check the Blood Pressure Machine while you are relaxing and the Machine is lying on the table in front of you.
Adaptor Included: You will the exclusive adaptor from your nearest infi authorized dealer instead of buying the batteries every time. .
Irregular Heartbeat/Irregular Pulse Detection: This unique feature is available in the very expensive Machines available mostly in developed countries.
The device can detect if the patient has an irregular Heartbeat or irregular Pulse. Such patients need medical attention.
Note: The IHB symbol may appear even in normal patient’s case if the arm is moved during measurement.

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