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BP Checking App for analysing Blood Pressure Measurements

BP Checking Apps

BP monitoring Machine


Some BP checking apps are available but Most of them are pranks to check BP with finger etc.But it is almost impossible to check the Blood pressure accurately without a BP Monitor with cuff. I mean just a mobile just by installing BP checking app.

Today almost every family who has a BP Checking Monitor at home is expected have a smartphone.A smartphone full of apps.

People are searching online for BP checking apps but find funny stuff and pranks.

Some companies made BP monitors without LCD and they are connected with Mobile phone apps but they are not BP checking apps. and display and app of BP Monitor

These apps just display and app of BP Monitor is used to start to store the data of BP Monitor.But still, you need a BP Monitor again may be an accessory.Only a BP checking app is not sufficiant.

People searching for BP checking app

I mean a BP analysis or supporting app to a BP Monitor is a Good idea but expecting that your mobile phone will check your bp accurately using an app is not practical.

Is there any app in Indian market which can analyse the data of the Blood Pressure readings. And can automatically sync the data with the BP Monitor for home use.

The app should have a clear graphical representation for easy analysis to know the blood Pressure trends.

The bp app should be able to present the BP trends for a week, month year etc with clear presentation.

The patients is usually recommended to check his blood pressure daily at home and his physician asks him to keep a Record of his blood Pressure Measurements.

Then usually he either take his BP monitor ( for home use) to his doctor or writes them all on a paper.


The doctor has to recommend his treatment on the basis of analysis of his blood pressure trends.

But does Indian overloaded doctors have limited time to analyse the raw data in a messy format?

So it would be an ideal situation that you could show the clear presentation of your BP Trends using a BP app in your mobile phone.

I mean the BP Monitor has blue tooth and the mobile also has blue tooth and an installed app.As soon as you switch on data is sync between 2 devices and the app in mobile makes a presentation which can also be shared with your doctor.

There is nothing available at affordable price to Indian customers lets hope for future BP Monitors.





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