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Blood pressure machines for Home or Professional use

Blood Pressure Machine

Blood Pressure is a Medical Equipment/Device used to measure the Blood Pressure of the Human Body. There are Different Kinds of Blood Pressure Monitors available in the Market to meet the Demands of the professionals as well as Patients.

Best Blood Pressure Monitors for Home Use- Some of the Devices are best for Home use and can be done after a little training by the patient themselves.Such BP Monitors are ideal for home measurement and do not usually need a stethoscope.

BP apparatus for Professionals– Some BP Monitors can only be used by Doctors Nurses etc and need professional expertise.Usually, because you need to measure the BP by hearing pulse using a stethoscope

BP Monitors  can be Classified as Follows

  • For Home use by Patients

    1. Digital Blood Pressure Machine (Fully Automatic Upper Arm)
    2.  Digital Semi automatic Blood Pressure Machine-The technology is a little old it has a manual pump that you have to press to inflate the cuff. Deflation and measurement is automatic but Inflation is Manual by pressing the pump.This is not in trend because there are more chances of movement while pressing the pump while measurement during self measurement.
    3. Wrist Type Blood Pressure Machines- Seems to be small and Portable but Accuracy is not as satisfactory as upper arm BP Monitors. The variation in results was observed and some patients were complaining of Results confusing them .I think because fingers are near and effect of reflexes is more.In India people have almost stopped buying wrist BP Monitors .They think Accuracy is more important than portability.
  • For use by Professionals

  • Home Measurement of Blood Pressure

Tie the cuff remain silent Press start button and Monitor will start inflating the cuff

And Results will appear in less than 1 minute.

  • Accurate Blood Pressure Machines

Accuracy of Digital BP Monitors for home use has always been a big concern for the patients and the patients were always panic about the different results they get from these Machines.

Many Patients are still struggling to get the Most accurate Digital Blood Pressure Monitor for Home Use and end up disappointed loosing their faith in Home measurement.But Measurement for Home is the Need for Today because of increasing no of BP patients and white coat hypertension while measurement during measurements done in clinic.

It is very important for a Doctor to see the variations and changing trends in Blood Pressure through out day and suggest a good treatment than to rely upon one measurement done in the clinic.

The patient has to understand the reason behind variation in the Results of Digital Blood Pressure Monitors.

Choosing Correct BP Monitor with advance and accurate Technology is very important for Accurate Measurement at Home.As the Technology developed the software of BP Monitors have become smart enough to measure the Blood Pressure accurately.

Initially technology of BP Monitors was  inflation blind folded (pushing air in the cuff) up to a fix level say 180 mm/Hg and then the monitor tries to find the pulse at this level if they find pulse above this level they further inflate again and then deflation .This was panic for those with higher bp and was effecting the accuracy because the pressure on the arm remains high for a long period before the measurement.

 Second Generation technology was smarter .The monitor was not inflating blind folded

But it was checking the BP even during inflation and was inflating just at the correct level (20 to 30 mm/Hg Above the BP )and then deflate(air comes out slowly) to give the final results.This was better than before but still there was a scope for improvement in Results This was called Fuzzy logic registered . But still if you will take a repeated measurement immediately for comparison you will see a variation of 10 to 20 mm/Hg .So they ask you to let the arm relax for 10 minutes .

Latest Third generation BP Monitors do not need to deflate to give results. They Check the Blood Pressure during inflation only and does not need to wait for deflation . Inflation is a bit slower but it accurately measures your Bp before hardly creating any pressure on the arm.You can see the Results immediately after Inflation completes. It is called measurement during Inflation Technology or Comfort cuff Smart Read Technology.

Idea behind this is if you have to Check the Pressure in a soft tube and before measurement if you press the tube the pressure will change and results will be inaccurate .If you can check pressure before pressing the tube the results will be accurate.

  • Benefit – Third Generation 
    Measurement During Inflation Technology (MDIT)
    1. More Accurate measurement
    2. Least difference in case of repeated measurements
    3. Third Generation technology is less painful for even older Patients so they also call it comfort cuff smart Inflate Technology.
    4. You can immediately take a repeated measurement for comparison
    5. Fast Results

Other Reasons Effecting Measurement


1 Change in Blood Pressure at Different Times through out the Day- Blood Pressure never Remains fix it keeps on changing through out day and is minimum during Night hours.


2 Change in Blood Pressure effected by activities- Physical activities like walking running climbing stairs etc effect you BP and  smoking alcohol tea and even eating effects the Blood Pressure.


3 Choosing Wrong posture during Measurement- One has to keep his arm at the Level of the Heart. If it is lower than heart Bp is more if it is higher bp measured is less than what should be measured.

4 Movements during measurement effect most of the blood Pressure Monitors to give inaccurate results and one must behave like statue.

5 White Coat hypertension means BP measured in the clinic is a bit higher than real BP measured at Home sitting comfortably .



How to use a BP Monitor


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