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Why the Patients gets different BP Results at Home and at Clinic

Why the Patients gets different BP Results at Home and at Clinic


It is always recommended by the doctors that a BP(high or low) Patient must check his blood pressure Regularly at home.

A single measurement done by a doctor is not sufficient to decide the medication.

A good Physician will go through the previous records of measurements done at home by a Digital BP Machine before he will increase or reduce the dose of the Medicine or change the medicine.

But Measuring at home has always been confusing for the patients. The patient is always confused

Why I get the different Results when he repeats the measurement immediately after the first measurement.

Answer- when you press your arm during the measurement the bp changes the more you press more it is affected.Especially the systolic bp falls in the repeated measurement.

Solution-1 Use New Latest third generation MDI Technology of BP Monitors which checks your BP during inflation.

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solution-2-Wait for 10 minutes before you take a repeated measurement.


Why my bp is higher at when measured by a Doctor and my digital bp monitor for home use gives a lower Result.

Read about white coat Hypertension- white coat hypertension means that your blood pressure is higher when checked at clinics by a white coat(mean Doctor or nurse) but

when you are relaxed at home and check it on your sofa on the dining table with your home Blood pressure Monitor it is on the lower side.

The reason may be that you are relaxed at home and a little nervous and conscious when your bp is checked by the doctor or nurse.

Why i am getting different BP readings throughout the day

Your BP Keeps changing throughout the day.

It is lowest at night and in the morning.More in the afternoon. and may change when

You walk talk run or do physical Exercise

when you smoke or take alcohol.

It is reduced after you have food as the blood flow is towards intestine.

Why my BP Monitor sometimes gives Really Crazy Results.

Main reason is you move your arm while measurement

Your BP Monitor monitor has old Technology and has no automatic error correction in the software.

Your BP Monitor is too sensitive and considers body movements as your pulse.



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