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Importance of using bp monitor with Adaptor for Accuracy and Ease

Adaptor is a small product but it is very useful if supplied with the bp monitor.

Most of the people are tired of buying AA batteries .Some times people need it for wall clock and  other day for remot control of TV and then remote of set top box and then for ac.

A monitor working with weak batteries may not be that accurate.There is a question mark on reliability.

Bp must be checked when your body alarms  you -This is the time to check now.There are some signals your body gives that check it now.

Many times patient is out of batteries when he wants to check so a comprehensive bp monitor pack should be included with adaptor.

Infi bp monitor comes with adaptor so that it can be used without batteries any time.

No need to buy batteries every time.

But this is not the main reason .Main problem is if the battery is weak. It may effect the accuracy of bp monitor.

If u use normal batteries cost Rs 10 some times they are weak still u dont know and low battery symbol is not displayed.

So supplying an adaptor with bp monitor not only adds ease of use but it also ensures accurate functioning of bp monitors.




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